SCOTLAND admit Halal Meat is illegal

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  1. Shirley Mallett says:

    ll Halal and Kosher meat should be banned. What is the point of having welfare laws when they can be overturned for ‘religious slaughter’, but then sold to everyone in the country, whether they follow that religion or not?

    This is illegal, and causes far more animals to be ritually slaughtered than would otherwise be permitted.

    We are supposedly a civilised country, so why do we permit inhumane practices at all? What next? Killing of all male first born babies? Chop off the hands of thieves? Stone people to death, etc? Why not revert back to all religious practices that we discarded because they were inhumane or discriminatory?

  2. H S Gupta says:

    All halal foods should be banned from all supermarkets , hospitals and schools. Because supermarkets are se are selling halal products in unmarked packages and hospitals are feeding all the patients and schools are feeding all students with all halal foods.

  3. Nick Butler says:

    iI am planning to hold demonstrations outside all the supermarkets in the Hastings area in May June & July & was wondering if there are any posters & pamphlets available to assist me

    • BoycottHalal says:

      Thanks for you comment Nick and well done for taking the initiative.
      We have some very poor leaflets (made in 2010 – 2012) on the BOYCOTT HALAL Main Page in the Photo Albums section.
      Just tried to get you a link, but it is blocked for me at the moment – I am just getting a Blank Page. You may want to try.
      I will try and find the time to create some Posters and A6 Hand-outs/Flyers that you can Print out.
      Please be careful… you need permission even to demonstrate in the Car Parks or on any part of the property owned by the supermarkets – or you could get arrested…
      Let’s not make ourselves targets – if caught on CCTV there will be no effective Defence if you were to land up in Court.
      The only place you will be able to hand out leaflets is outside on the public pavement… and even then you must ensure you do not block the way to the entrance.
      Well Done for your effort – so many have no idea that there is a Stealth Jihad on our Food Chain.

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