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We UK Consumers appeal to those in power to authorise the writing of a suitable policy that will make Labelling ALL Religiously Slaughtered meat a Legal Requirement by Law, so that we all know what we are buying & eating in plain English. We UK Consumers want ALL Ritually Slaughtered Meat & Bi-Products LABELLED with a simple ‘RS’ no matter how it is stunned or what its source is. ‘RS’ can also stand for ‘Religious Standard’ and could therefore be used on ALL Products that come under any Religious Standard.

This 'RS' Label signifies a Religious Standard and/or Ritually Slaughtered meat is involved in manufacture &/or distribution of this product.

 ‘RS’ Label 

Anywhere & anything associated with Ritual Slaughter or a Religious Standard needs labelling ‘RS’ so we fully understand what we are choosing to buy or eat.

The UK needs Consumer confidence to be restored and this will only happen when there is more transparency in Labelling of ‘RS’ food, goods & services.

We also fully support the EU Parliament’s move to Label ALL meat that has been obtained by Slaughter without stunning in the Food Information Regulation (FIR).

UK Consumers want ALL Ritually Slaughtered Meat LABELLED with a simple ‘RS’ no matter how stunned…


See Petition Background (Preamble) Here:

If the Red & Black Label would be too expensive due to the colour This Black & White alternative would do the job.



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  1. Brad Williams says:

    Boycott Halal food and products. We have a choice, make the right one.

    • paul says:

      That 6 minute video just makes me weep – it is THE sickest most disgusting thing Ive *EVER* seen. Severed animal heads and slow deaths. I can see why terrorists are so “anaethetised” to the brutality of beheading etc. This is the worst way that an animal could be killed for meat products and the UK Government should not be allowing this in the 21st Century simply to appease religion. Saying that this is ok is akin to saying numerous wives are ok, 12 year old wives are ok etc. NO TO HALAL it simply wrong.

  2. Brian Harrison says:

    Halal meat and islam both need to be banned it is a way of hate how can the meat taste better or be holy if the animal dies in agony disgusting practice

    • carl says:

      i agree , these animals only live short lives, the least we can do is kill them humanely, the trouble is that in supermarkets we dont know what is halal and what isnt

  3. DIRK VAN DESSEL says:

    I EAT PORK AND I AM PROUD TO DO SO because it shows my ethnical-cultural-religious roots

  4. Enid says:

    I didn’t ask for halal meat in this country it has no place in Britain. I certainly will not frequent any store that tricks me into buying and eating it. Where has everyones morals gone when they are willing to put up with this disgusting torture of animals.

  5. amad says:

    So its fish and pork for dinner

  6. if it is ritually slaughtered it is not stunned.

  7. philip green says:

    I don’t want it, and i don’t want my children eating it.
    It has no place in civilised society.

  8. anthony jackson says:

    Surely forcing me to buy halal meat, a meat that due to religous purposes must be blessed and that crap. Is a total disrespect to my religous veiws. So why are they allowed to do that!

  9. martin defferary says:

    as a christian i strongly object to being covertly sold halal meat and poultry by supermarkets and other food outlets.

  10. Henry Larmour says:

    This must be stopped at all costs!
    We haven’t come this far in animal welfare only to be dragged back to the Dark Ages (or worse) by these primitives.

  11. Johnny Gee says:

    Boycott halal and spread the word.

  12. Nite Christensen says:

    Stop this cruelty.

    • BoycottHalal says:

      Thank You for sharing – We are fully in Support of the work that Scotland For Animals has been doing over the past few years to get a legal challenge against halal.
      I have just written to Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall on the River Cottage website and hope he will come on board and help us fight this halal outrage – He has done so well with the Caged Birds and Fish Fights. You might want to contact him too at the Facebook River Cottage Page John.

  13. leslie sheehan says:

    I don’t see why we as a country should have to put up with this. I will be using my local farm shop to now buy my meat as I then know where it will have come from. I would also like to know what the British government are going to do about the supermarkets selling this to us without our consent as this is misrepresentation so is breaking the law

  14. Sheila walker says:

    Barbaric, disgusting practice.

  15. Dennis Curtis says:




  17. paul allen says:

    No halal were British

  18. Angela Youel says:

    We should have the right to have our food, and everything else, labelled, im in full agreement, and you have my backing

  19. David Candlin says:

    I do not want to eat halal its cruel slaughter! and I am a Christian no imam prays over my food!

  20. amanda simpson says:

    no halal this is england

  21. Lynne Hamilton says:

    Please give me the choice for what I eat, labelling is a MUST so that I can chose to BOYCOTT HALAL. I DON’T LIVE IN AN ISLAMIC STATE. I am not nor ever will be muslim. I’m BRITISH and I prefer OUR way of life.

  22. Hayley Groves Greenwood says:

    English born & bred!! England ways,England rules for anyone living here! We do not want some muslim islamic faith slaughtering our animals in such an inhumane way!!!

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